Appendix Surgery in Gandhinagar

Appendix Surgery in  Gandhinagar
  Appendix Surgery in Gandhinagar
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In humans, the appendix is a vestigial organ that is attached to the right colon. The appendix produces immunoglobulins, which are bacteria-destroying proteins that aid in the body's fight against infection. Its purpose, however, is not critical. People who have had appendectomies are not at a higher risk of infection. After the appendix is removed, other organs in the body take over this function.

Appendicitis (appendix infection) occurs when the appendix becomes blocked, usually by stool or as a result of a body infection, because the appendix swells in response to any infection in the body. It may be blocked by a tumour in the elderly, necessitating a proper evaluation before undergoing surgery.

Best Doctor For Appendix Surgery

Best Doctor For Appendix Surgery

Dr Vivek Tank

Endoscopic Surgeon


Dr vivek tank qualified from prestigious M.P.Shah medical college; Jamnagar; Gujarat in the year 2004.he then completed training in advanced surgery and endoscopy from Rajkot cancer hospital and apollo hospital Hyderabad. He received his diploma in minimal access surgery from World Laparoscopy hospital ; new delhi in 2008. He is one of the few surgeons who are well versed in Open; laparoscopy and endoscopic domains of surgery. Under the care of dr. vivek , patients undergo surgery and endoscopy at same place by the same surgeon.

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